5 Things We Like About Lindsay Lohan’s New Fashion Blog

lindsay lohan fashion blog

We’ve been finding ourselves oddly transfixed by Lindsay Lohan’s tragically post-meta method acting in The Canyons, legitimately amused by her self-deprecating Chelsea Lately appearance, and feeling all the feels about her Lagerfeld-featuring comeback selfie. But now there’s a new Lohan thing to feel a weird mix of derisive and fascinated about: Her just-launched personal style blog.

As part of her comeback the formerly booze and chaos-addicted actress has started blogging energetically at LindsayLohan.com. And hey, what do you know? Most of it is really, seriously quite awesome. She branches out from straight self-advertising with funny videos, and her use of the #nextchapter hashtag is really excellent.

There is also a bona fine fashion section, and while haters gon’ hate, there are reasons to love this too. Here are five so far:

1. She has an acute awareness of Generation Y’s appetite for nostalgia.

One throwback post demonstrates how to get Lindsay’s satin ruffle-tiered 2008 MTV awards outfit using some very fetch pieces by Victoria Beckham and Alexander Wang. We’re not quite so sure Victoria Beckham’s fall 2013 collection was ‘inspired’ by Lindsay’s shiny violet number, but they aren’t totally un-similar. And as a fashion blogger you have to constantly be seeking inspiration in the unexpected.

2. She loves vintage Chanel.

Okay so who doesn’t, but her ‘timeless, classic, chic’ photo collages of ’60s ads and iconic accessories are lovely. Fashion bloggers post stuff like this ALL THE TIME, because if one thing people love more than the ’90s and throwback red carpet photos it’s the decades they weren’t even alive to experience.

3. She’s excited about Phillip Lim’s Target collaboration.

The girl is speaking our language with her composite collage of Phillip Lim x Target lookbook pieces. Those she has identified as being particularly worthy of ‘dying over’ include the brown Mini Portmaneau, the silky graphic tank and the ribbed navy sweater, which are all things we’ve got our eyes on, so she’d better not play the star card and buy 20 of each while everyone else is waiting in line like bargain-hungry fashion plebes.

Luckily she has the cash for real deal 3.1 Phillip Lim and won’t actually buy any of this stuff, but it is nice that she’s bending down to the level of her younger and less famous readers. As a good fashion blogger you should always try to relate to your audience. Even if you got paid $1 million to pose for Playboy.

4. She has a fierce loyalty to her personal style

We’re hesitant about taking fashion tips from the person responsible for making 6162 Leggings happen, but do appreciate her consistency. She also makes a great argument for her continued love of denim cut-offs and ‘boho chic’ (her words) staples: ‘When you’re in Cali so much, it’s hard to not want to be wearing tanks and shorts all the time… summer forever.’ Yet despite that she’s in Cali so much, she has an enviable collection of leather leggings. That’s called dedication.

Isn’t being comfortable in your own closet what personal style blogging should really be about? We might laugh now, but next minute she’ll be blogging for Style.com

5. The quality of her related content

If you still read personal style blogs, you’ll find that most of the more successful ones have broadened their content beyond WIWTs, GTLs and OOTDs. Most fashion bloggers are now posting photos of cronuts and gluten-free brunch items, which is all really nice and stuff, but sometimes you just want to look at a Donda remix of The Canyons trailer or an intern reciting the entire Mean Girls script. And if you do want to do that, Lohan’s got you covered.

And speaking of videos, OMG have you watched this one yet?


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