Pics Of Lindsay Lohan With A Gun Disappear From Terry’s Diary

Yesterday Terry Richardson posted a bunch of pictures of Lindsay Lohan on his blog. Some were the normal half-naked pervy pics that we’ve come to associate with Richardson, while others showed the star seemingly distraught, and holding a gun to her head. Now the pics of a gun-wielding Lohan have been removed from Richardson’s site.

We assumed that the photos were taken down because they were seriously disturbing. However, it seems like Richardson copped the idea from Tyler Shields, so he took them down himself. In 2010, Shields photographed Lohan posing with a gat and sporting fake blood for his book The Dirty Side of Glamour.

The New York Daily News pointed out the pics to Shields, who responded: “Hold on let me look. Wait, what(?!) HAHAHAHAHA oh man, s— happens.”

Well, as the saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


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