Lindsay Lohan Makes Another Awful Decision by Posing for Terry Richarson

Oprah will be pissed.

Oprah will be pissed.

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan is continuing to make questionable life decisions. Nothing will ruin your comeback tour like striking a pose for the world’s sleaziest photographer. What would Oprah think? The talk show goddess didn’t create Lohan’s docu-series just so she could turn around and strike a pose with alleged sexual predators like Terry Richardson. We have a feeling Lohan is going to have some explaining to do…

As far as Richardson’s photos are concerned, they aren’t really salacious or even remotely exciting. (Lohan has a history of posing in provocative shots for the controversial photographer.) The most damning image is of the reality star actress pulling down her jeans and exposing her midriff, but that’s virginal as far as Uncle Terry is concerned. Lohan looks fairly angelic and rehabilitated as she smokes a cigarette with her long hair tucked into her Alexander Wang “parental advisory” sweatshirt.

And with that one image we had an epiphany. In order to fully commit to a new life, Lohan needs to cut her hair. If there is one good thing to come out of this photoshoot, it’s the realization that something as simple as a wavy bob is a massive perception-changer. Lindsay, we are asking you nicely — chop of all of your dead ends, including your relationship with Richardson.

[Terry’s Diary]

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