Did Lindsay Lohan Skip Probation To Get Her Teeth Fixed?

European fashion! Emergency dental work! Community service! The newest twist in the Lindsay Lohan life story truly has everything.

As you may have read yesterday, Lohan had her probation revoked for missing too many of the required community service obligations her abridged version of freedom is contingent upon. And one of those occasions happened to be a bout of emergency dental work inspired by the reaction a lot of people had to an unflattering photo of Lohan’s teeth.

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Radar Online reports that Lindsay “was approved for a leave of absence from her shoplifting program” on Oct. 14, less than a day after a number of blogs and news sites started posting photos of her bedraggled smile. A source told Radar that Lohan “arranged the first appointment she could get and sorted out the issue.”

But missing that court-ordered appointment may been the straw that broke the camel’s back. Yesterday, when Lohan appeared in court, bronzer akimbo, Judge Stephanie Sauter revoked Lohan’s parole specifically because she had missed so many of her appointments. In total, Lohan has missed nine community service sessions or other appointments related to her parole.

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Her lawyer says Lohan skipped these appointments to do the work necessary to support herself and her family, like her recently announced collaboration with German fashion label Phillip Plein. It’s just too bad that the people at Plein are having second thoughts about signing up with her to begin with.

“This is terrible news. We want Lindsay to finally be out of this legal trouble. She needs to have the freedom to work and pay her consequences at the same time,” Nathan Folks of Twisted Games, who facilitated the contract between Plein and Lohan, said. “I am very concerned that she will not be able to fulfill her duties to our client Philipp Plein in Milan.”

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And if she’s denied parole again, that will most definitely be the case. Lohan posted her $100,000 bail yesterday, but she’ll be back in court on Nov. 2, when the judge will decide whether or not she should serve an 18-month jail sentence.

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