Black, White, And Bloody: Last Night’s V Magazine Ball

Walking into the Boom Boom Room last night at New York City’s Standard Hotel to celebrate V magazine’s Elizabeth Taylor-themed issue, we didn’t know a soul. And so we grabbed a glass of Veuve Cliquot, found a small space against a wall to hover, and started people watching. Little did we know that by the end of the night, someone would be bleeding, Lindsay Lohan would be fighting with photographers, and Courtney Love would be staring us straight in the face, open-mouthed and hanging on to our every word.

But at the start of the night, the vibe was celebratory, with Magnum ice cream bars being handed out on silver trays and Rachel Zoe congratulating Prabal Gurung on his on his pitch-perfect (our words, not hers) collection, declaring, “You’re, like, not an up and coming designer anymore. You’re the real deal.” Prabal, for his part, looked like nothing so much as a dashing ’50s inspired greaser in black shorts, a white tee (with sleeves rolled up), and perfectly coiffed hair. All he was missing was a box of cigarettes.

Later, we passed Karlie Kloss and a tipsy-ish Derek Blasberg coming down the stairs from the roof. “Tie your shoelace,” someone called out to him. “You’re going to fall!” Blasberg, to his credit, continued bravely on. Someone else complimented Kloss on her million-dollar walk and she responded over her shoulder, “You’ll see it at Ralph tomorrow!”

Another glass of champagne later and we’d worked up the nerve to confess our love to Alexander Wang. “We own one of those cashmere instarsia knits you designed as your first collection. We’ve worn it so much we’ve had it patched twice,” we gushed and smiled somewhat expectantly. Wang bobbed his head along to the music. “That’s great! Thank you!” And then danced off. Everyone, it would appear, was drunker than us.

We paused for a Twitter check, only to discover Lohan had apparently just thrown a full drink at a photographer who “dared to snap her pic.” A few minutes later, we’d enjoy a moment of eerie intuitiveness with Brad Goreski who, after telling us that the roof deck of the club had gone from an area of calm respite to high energy dance party, proclaimed, “This party can turn on a dime.” And then a man ran through the crowd with blood dripping from hands.

“She’s bleeding!” someone cried, as the first man grabbed cloth napkins from the bar. Amidst the chaos, we watched Lohan (with her mother Dina) immediately move her group to another part of the bar while staff tended to the blood-covered shoulder of a curly-haired brunette sitting next to their now abandoned table.

“What’s going on?” Courtney Love asked us. And as we told her, her eyes got progressively larger and her jaw dropped progressively lower. “We gotta go,” she announced, grabbing her friend by the arm. “I’m outskies!” she called over her shoulder as she skedaddled to the exit.

And then the lights came on, the music stopped, and we all followed suit.

Photos courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency.

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