PHOTOS: Liv Tyler Is The New (And Unsurprising) Face Of Givenchy Beauty

Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci has made some pretty interesting choices in his ads as of late — and we’re not complaining. From casting transgender model Lea T in his Fall/Winter 2010 campaign to albino model Steven Thompson in his Spring/Summer 2011 campaign, Tisci has demonstrated his affinity for a certain degree of otherness. His ads make intriguing statements on fashion and — aside from their obvious aesthetic values — they force viewers to question the rigidity of beauty ideals, especially in response to the striking dichotomies that Tisci chooses to represent in them.

That said, we were surprised by how unsurprised we were by Tisci’s choice of actress Liv Tyler as the face of his current beauty campaigns. Tyler is undeniably beautiful. But does she illustrate otherness? Not in the least.

Liv is a very traditional beauty: bright blue eyes, full lips, flawless skin — it’s not hard to imagine why she was chosen. And the ad is stunning: her red lips and long, simple hair is reminiscent of classic, Parisian chic. We wouldn’t be at all surprised if this was a Chanel ad, but since we’ve grown to expect the unexpected from Tisci, we were left, once again, contemplating the difference between pretty and cool in the fashion world.

It seems that even Givenchy knows there’s a time for pretty and a time for cool, and apparently when it comes to beauty, pretty prevails.

[via The Independent]

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