Lizzy Caplan Wants Susan Sarandon to Be on Masters of Sex


Lizzy Caplan wants Susan Sarandon to be her mother on Masters of Sex.

Lizzy, we hear you. This makes sense for every reason imaginable. If this mom-daughter reunion happened, it would be a thing of glory for the show. A Sarandon-style ’50s mom could probably teach Virginia everything she needed to know about satisfaction in the time it takes Bill Masters to run around the track on one of his awkward spastic hate jogs. The realism on the show has been grand and all-the people are pretty normal, but let’s throw in the sexiest woman alive. We hope her boudoir includes several selfie paintings just like her character in that underrated masterpiece Alfie. But it’s just dream casting now. All you can do is squeeze your ham sandwich with sour lettuce (a menu option on the show,) and wish for this to happen.

Totally sincere best wishes to anyone other than Sarandon who goes for this part. Until then, Robert and Libby will probably have a sexy thing, so there’s that.


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