Lorde Weighs in on Feminism Being ‘This Season’s Hottest Accessory’

LordeBeyoncé’s essay on gender equality has the nation buzzing about feminism. This, being a topic that teen songstress Lorde speaks about often and candidly. Thanks to that amazing Skype interview with the founder of Rookie (and fellow teen) Tavi Gevinson, we know the 17-year-old sees feminism as just a part of being a girl.

Model and outspoken Terry Richardson fan Charlotte Free has recently posted her thoughts, referring to feminism as a “trend.”

“whats up with feminism suddenly being this seasons hottest accessory??? first, feminism has always been cool, regardless of being “in style” or not. second, i really hope it doesn’t turn out like other trends and go “out of style” or something stupid like that … feminism is not an accessory or a phase u can grow out of dont get me wrong, im way stoked that more people are admitting to be, or becoming feminists but i wish it didnt take it being “trendy” to get where we are now ” [sic].

Once again proving that teens should never be dismissed, Lorde posted her own eloquent Tumblr response:

“maybe feminism feeling like it’s in style comes as a result of increased awareness… which i think is a good thing regardless of whether or not it feels ‘trendy’ (which you’re right is rl weird). i definitely don’t think feminism is going to ~go out~ or anything, i feel like we’re past that now x” [sic]

And there you have it.


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