Here’s What You Could Buy If You Had Won The Lottery

Are you one of the lucky three that took home (a portion of) the $640 million jackpot in yesterday’s record breaking Mega Millions draw? Yes? What exactly are you doing here then? Go out and celebrate!

In the off chance you aren’t, however, feel free to join us in wistful fantasizing about what we could do with that kind of money.

Here are some helpful suggestions as to how you could sensibly blow $640 million in one fell swoop:

1. Nine 150-carat all diamond rings (yes, there’s only one available, but we’re pretty sure you could commission more with that kind of dough).

2. A small fleet of private jets (done up, of course, in full Chanel couture regalia).

3. 106,666 pairs of Kanye West x Giuseppe Zannotti shoes.

4. 22,107 of Jessica Chastain‘s custom-made Alexander McQueen Oscars gown (side note: can we borrow one? The Met ball is fast a comin’).

5. Jenna Lyons‘ Brooklyn townhouse. 160 times over.

6. A monumental collection of fur baby slings. Someone needs to give Blue Ivy a run for her (boatloads of) money.

7. 1,600 ugly, diamond-encrusted t-shirts. Because you can.

8. Marie Antoinette’s 300-year-old shoes! And you’d still have plenty left over to buy up parts of Versailles to frolic in.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and stimulate that economy, you lucky duck.

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