Louis Vuitton Is Still Trying To Sue Warner Bros. Over The Hangover II

Louis Vuitton wasn’t happy about losing a lawsuit to Warner Bros. last month, and have now appealed the ruling.

A refresher: in a scene from The Hangover II (Warner Bros. is the production company), Zack Galifianakis‘s character carries “LVM” monogrammed luggage and tells his friends to be careful with the “Lewis Vuitton”. Everyone, except for Louis Vuitton, found the scene funny. The French house filed a lawsuit claiming that Warner Bros. used bags by a known counterfeiting company, and that the use of fake bags would “cause customer confusion”. Louis Vuitton asked for the film’s profits of $580 million, triple damages, and destruction of all movie and promo material that included the airport scene.

Needless to say, a Manhattan court judge laughed dismissed the case, and as such, Louis Vuitton is trying to appeal the ruling. A hearing date hasn’t been set, but we’re pretty sure that the outcome will be the same as the first.


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