Louis Vuitton Loses That Hangover II Counterfeit Lawsuit

Remember when Louis Vuitton filed a lawsuit against Warner Brothers for using fake LV bags in The Hangover II? Well, they lost the case.

In one scene of the film, Zach Galifianakis‘s character Alan carries LVM monogrammed piece through an airport, telling his friends, “Careful, that is a Louis Vuitton.” Of course, the LVM monogram and Galifianakis’s mispronunciation of the brand (“Lewis Vuitton”) were major indicators that the film was just poking fun at Vuitton.

But the company wasn’t buying it, so they filed a suit against Warner Brothers. They claimed that the studio used fake bags produced by a known counterfeiting company called Diophy, WWD reports. Vuitton asked that all copies of the movie and promotional material that included the airport scene be destroyed, as well as profits from the film (which grossed around $580 million) to be given to them.

In Manhattan Federal Court on Monday, judge Andrew Carter dismissed the case because Vuitton’s claims were “not plausible” or “particularly compelling”. He also points out that the luggage isn’t the focus of the scene, and that the bags only appear for a few seconds. He further explains:

“Louis Vuitton is trying to have it both ways: arguing that the Diophy bags are so similar as to create consumer confusion, but at the same time, so obviously dissimilar that someone watching the film would notice the slightly different symbols used on the Diophy bag.”

Of course, Vuitton isn’t happy with the ruling, and had this to say:

“We are deeply disappointed in the court’s decision. We remain committed to protecting our brand, and will remain vigilant in our efforts to prevent inappropriate and misleading use of our trademark for the benefit of our customers.”

Hey, that sounds exactly like what Christian Louboutin said after he lost that lawsuit to Zara. These luxury brands really love their lawsuits. But all kidding aside, counterfeiting is a bad thing! It costs France about $7.5 billion in lost revenue a year, and most recently, Hermès and French police busted an international crime ring that involved Hermès’s own employees.


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