Coach Gets More Web Traffic Than Gucci And Burberry Combined

A recent study of the amount of web traffic driven by 20 luxury labels placed Coach ahead of the pack, with 39 percent of total online market share.

But when Luxury Daily, a luxury marketing news site, reported on the study, it cited Gucci (which took 16 percent of the share) and Burberry (clocking in at 6.5 percent) as the luxury brands that dominated the group.

Now, we’re not exactly what you might call Coach fanatics or even Reed Krakoff apologists, but singling out the expensive, established foreign brands in the survey as its winners is a pretty low blow to dear old Coach, especially when it leads those brands by a mile. If the experts at PM Digital, who organized the study, put Coach in the same category as Frida Giannini and Christopher Bailey‘s companies, then they probably had a statistically relevant reason for doing so.

Aside from the slight, Luxury Daily‘s story does reveal some interesting things about the way high-priced brands work online. Most of them don’t utilize paid search, meaning that if you Google brands like Goyard or Valextra, you won’t see very many sponsored links above the search results.

So how do people find luxury brands online? A heavy portion of that traffic comes from sites that link to a label’s homepage or from Facebook, which for most of these brands is the predominant social networking tool. Still, many brands are reluctant to run promotions on their Facebook pages, preferring instead to go the traditional route.

Moral of the story? Luxury labels need to get with it and hop on the Internet because it’s quickly becoming the best place to make a sale, and Luxury Daily needs to show respect where respect is due. Today, it’s due to Coach.

[Via Luxury Daily]

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