Lynn Yaeger ‘Hates’ The Idea Of Exclusivity In Fashion

We’ve made no secret of our love for Lynn Yaeger, so when we saw her seated across from us at Wednesday night’s What Goes Around Comes Around show at the SoHo Grand, we pounced. Or rather, we tapped her gently on her fur-coated shoulder and asked if she would answer a question or two. She told us yes, but only one — and not because she didn’t want to talk, but because she was starving. A woman after our own hearts!

One of the things we love about Ms. Yaeger is her everywoman approach to fashion, not to mention the fact that she writes for a myriad of web-based publications, including New York Magazine’s The Cut blog and Full Frontal Fashion. So naturally, we asked her how she felt about the so-called trend toward more exclusivity at shows inspired by Tom Ford. Her answer? She hates it. And we mean, hates it.

Yaeger told us:

I hate exclusive. I hate it. I think everything belongs to everybody. I think it really moves [fashion] in the direction of, to me, like a right wing direction. I want fashion to be really expansive.

You hear that, Tom Ford? And we couldn’t agree more.

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