Lynn Yaeger Et Al.: Know Your Fashion Eccentrics

If we were Ash Ketchum, Lynn Yaeger would be our Mew: legendary, spry and unfailingly pink.

Even if we do reserve the same level of respect for Pokemon and veteran fashion journalists, it still really says something that, of all the Fashion Week sightings we had, few are more seared into our feeble, gel-clogged brains than the two minutes we spent pretending not to ogle the “What Price Glory” columnist as she stepped through the Jewish Museum‘s metal detector pre-threeASFOUR Spring 2014.

Into The Glossrecent feature on the Vogue contributor just added fuel to the already-roaring fire — she wears lipstick in unblended circles on her cheeks, guys — and practically compelled us to make a hit list of our favorite unabashedly far-out fashion fixtures. So here’s to the heavy-handed blush-appliers, the mad hatters and the real OGs who are (or were) always peculiarly, astoundingly, singularly themselves. Never change.

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