Celeb Stylist Lysa Cooper Says Olsen Twins Rip Off Other Designers

Juding by her interview in this month’s Vogue Italia, there aren’t many things that celebrity stylist Lysa Cooper actually likes. In fact they’re pretty much limited to Beyoncé and the personal style of homeless people in California. Lil Kim’s okay too. Oh, and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s The Row – kinda. But, well, not really. At least, she likes the way they go about ripping off other designers.

Cooper’s response when asked for her opinion on celebrity fashion lines is (duh) not positive. But after calling bullshit and suggesting celebs get some education, she gives our favorite mini moguls the most backhanded compliment in the history of backhanded compliments:

Bullshit. Go to school. If you go to school, then maybe you can talk some shit. The only one that’s any good, and I hate to say it, are our girls, the twins. The Row. But the reason that works, is because they hired designers. They [the twins] “yay” or “nay” [the concepts]. And they are the best line at ripping off other lines that I’ve ever seen. I mean they’ve taken Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester. But it’s good. You know, they’re good at it. I don’t buy it, but they’re good at it.

Other things that bore Lysa Cooper include hair (“everybody needs to stop with the hair, including Beyoncé), “Coachella-esque white girls”, the internet “World Wide Web” and people who take a half-assed approach to partying by going home before sunrise and smoking wack-ass weed with sub-par blunts:

I don’t like to entourage it up. I don’t like to hang out with people like that. And when I do hang out, I hang out hard and I think that can be very intimidating to people who aren’t used to the old way of partying… Go out all night long. You’re not Instagramming every fucking moment. You’re not smoking wack-ass weed with some bad blunts. Sorry. I smoke weed, but I smoke good weed.

We love Cooper’s, refreshing no-bullshit approach to everything in existence, but her response to the question of what does inspire her has us slightly baffled:

Homeless people and kids. They’re like the two groups that have flare and are daring. And I say that very sincerely. Especially in California…there’s a new trend in the homeless where you tie everything around your waist. It’s amazing. And how they’re all communicating it together, I don’t know. But they’re doing it.

Is Cooper’s bitterness just a personal vendetta against people who can afford to keep stuff in bags? Maybe the girls can work their way into her good books by doing some shoes made from garbage liners and rubber bands.

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[Vogue Italia]

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