Are Mac Users Really More Stylish Than PC Users?

Are Mac users really more stylish than people who do all their computing on a PC? Research says yes.

According to an analysis of the spending patterns of 700,000 people conducted by Bundle, a company that tracks trends in spending to give people recommendations on where to shop and go to dinner, found that people who own and use Macs tend to shop at higher end and trendier retailers like Barneys, where they buy brands like Jimmy Choo and Burberry, whereas PC users opt for places that sell mass market brands like Perry Ellis and Nautica.

But the Bundle study is quick — and right — to point out that because Mac products tend to cost more than PCs, people who have Macs have more money to spend on things like clothes. PC users, meanwhile, “tend to wear clothes as reasonably priced as their computers.”

That’s not to say neither group is limited to one segment of the retail market or another. PC users, according to the study, love to shop around in upmarket places like Bloomingdale’s, even if those trips don’t always turn into purchases. Mac users, meanwhile, love digging for a good bargain — but they do most of it at the outlet malls stores owned by Coach or discount stores like Last Call Neiman Marcus.

But we all know that being a stylish person doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you spent a ton of money on something, and that you don’t become stylish by virtue of using a particular brand of computer — or any other product. For example, everyone at Styleite uses a Mac most of the time, but the post you’re reading right this very second was produced on a PC. And some of our favorite items are pieces we either got for real cheap (on sale J.Crew sweaters, y’all!) or free (like the hand me downs in Julia‘s jewelry collection.)

So the lesson learned here? Perception doesn’t always equal reality, but in this case there are a lot of numbers that back up the idea that Macs really are more stylish than PCs. Check them out in the table below.


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