WATCH: Madonna’s Awesome (Sequined!) Super Bowl Halftime Show

Madonna is just…wow.

We tend to be completely underwhelmed by Super Bowl halftime shows, but Madonna lived up to the hype. She started with “Vogue”, you guys! (Related: how much did Vogue pay to have its logo on the stage?) First she was a gladiator, then a cheerleader (accompanied by pom-pom-toting Nicki Minaj and MIA), and then a preacher (with Cee Lo Green in a sequined robe and studded Louboutin loafers). There was dancing! And a stoner tightrope walker/jumper! And “Like A Prayer”! And gold hightops! And so many sequins! IT RULED.

Check out all the crazy looks below, and scroll down for videos of the performance. (Thanks, SportsGrid!)

Here’s Madonna’s entrance:

And LFMAO with the tightrope guy:

And Cee Lo in his amazing sequined robe:

BONUS: Did MIA flip us all off?

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