Newsstand Buyers Love Twilight Way More Than They Love Olympians

We’re really quite a simple generation to satisfy, it seems — just give us some TV, some sparkly vampires, some pretty young things and we’re pleased as punch. Athletes, however? Not so interested.

This idea carries over to newsstand figures for big-name magazines, according to a report today from WWD. Evidently, before Kristen Stewart was catapulting tabloid sales through the roof with her scandalous escapades, she was making for blockbuster cover sales for glossies from Elle to Lucky to Seventeen.

Marie Claire and Glamour, on the other hand, got their top sales figures from small screen stars, the former pulling in readers with the quirky allure of The New Girl‘s Zooey Deschanel and the latter opting for former Hills personality Lauren Conrad. LC seems to us like an unlikely choice in comparison to surefire winners like Jennifer Aniston et al, but according to the numbers she’s a hit amongst readers. Who knew?

Harper’s Bazaar relied on stalwart Kate Moss for newsstand gold, while Vogue hit a high note with Adele‘s March cover. Alas, Ryan Lochte and his fellow Olympians failed to move copies of the June issue — anyone else think they might have done better to hold off until, say, now, when everyone is really in the throes of Olympic fever?


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