Male ‘Models’ Not Allowed To Wear Pants On The Abercrombie Jet

Abercrombie & Fitch has been involved in a good number of legal troubles and angry demonstrations, was named one of the worst companies by Corporate Responsibility, and Brits even protested the retailer’s new Savile Row store. So the latest news about the CEO’s sketchy requirements for male “models” on Abercrombie’s corporate jet hardly raises our eyebrows, but is fascinating nonetheless.

Two years ago, a former pilot of the corporate jet, Michael Bustin, 55, filed a lawsuit against chief executive officer Mike Jeffries, 68, alleging that he was fired from the job and replaced by a younger pilot. Bloomberg got its hands on a copy of the “Aircraft Standards” manual that was presented in the case, and the 40-page book is chock full of strange instructions for the male staff on the plane.

Among the most absurd are:

  • “Clean-shaven males had to wear a uniform of Abercrombie polo shirts, boxer briefs, flip-flops, and a ‘spritz’ of the retailer’s cologne”.
  • The flight crew uniform consisted of  “Abercrombie jeans, polo shirts, flip-flops, sweatshirts, and a winter coat”.
  • Coats couldn’t be worn unless it was 50 degrees or lower.
  • Flippy-floppies must be worn during the flight and when meeting passengers.
  • Black gloves must be worn to handle silverware, and white gloves to set the table.
  • Phil Collins‘ “Take Me Home” must be played when passengers board for their return flights.
  • Jeffries’ three dogs, Ruby, Trouble and Sammy, had different seats based on which pup was traveling.
  • The end square of the toilet paper cannot be folded.

Phil Collins, really?

[Bloomberg via The Guardian]


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