The Fight Club Exists, And Its Members Are Male Models

Let’s be honest: one of the main reasons so many people went and saw the movie Fight Club is because they were promised shirtless Brad Pitt and Jared Leto. So is it any surprise that in reality, one of the sports world’s burgeoning pastimes is an underground boxing club whose members are either male models or are trying to break into the modeling industry?

In a recent T Magazine story, reporter Jacob Brown profiles Friday Night Throwdown, a traveling meeting of, well, professionally pretty boys who set up regulation boxing rings in Manhattan warehouses and have at each other — all under the guise of certified referees, of course. You’d think the models (and aspiring models) would be concerned about messing up their faces, but Brown found out that for some of them, the scars are worth it — and so is the novelty of seeing guys who shouldn’t have anything to fight about duke it out.

Is the allure of seeing beautiful guys punch each other out as base as it seems on the surface? One of the few models falling into Throwdown’s effete category is Marcel Castenmiller, who begins to grin at this question. Last October he and another model, Nicholas Hinman, jumped into the ring for a semi-unsanctioned — and very short — bare knuckles (because they couldn’t find the gloves) fight. Skinny as the two are, they really went at it. And despite a solid pummeling to the face, a day or two later Castenmiller posed for a Tommy Hilfiger ad, scratched cornea and all.

But it doesn’t stop with Tommy Hilfiger ads — there’s even a documentary about the models and the boxing matches in the works. This is real, people. Read the rest of the story here.

Friday Night Fights [T Magazine]

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