WATCH: 200-Person Fight Shuts Down Mall Of America

The nation’s largest shopping mall went into lock down mode on one of the busiest shopping days of the year when a fight involving several hundred shoppers broke out.

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The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that the fight at the Mall of America happened the day after Christmas and mostly involved young adults and adolescents. It’s been suggested that the fights, which witnesses described to the paper as looking like a “smash and grab” flash mob, started when shoppers heard that the rappers Drake and L’il Wayne were in the mall.

Mall of America spokespeople say neither artist was in the mall when the fights broke out, but they still took the precaution of temporarily placing the mall on lock down and calling for backup from the local Bloomington, MN police department. The cops arrested over a dozen people they say are suspected of disorderly conduct — but they say a lot more people than that were involved with the fighting.

Bloomington police Cmdr. Mark Stehlik verified that some groups were as large as 100 people and that more than 200 people total may have been involved, but said police received no reports of stolen merchandise.

The fighting broke out shortly after 4 pm Monday and took police over hours to subdue. One shopper told the Star Tribune, “at about 5:30, we were in The Limited and saw many, many teenagers running past. We decided to leave, as it did not appear that the problems were under control at all.” So far there have been no reports of injuries.

Of course, this isn’t the only incident of holiday shopping gone horribly awry this year. On Black Friday a woman was accused of pepper spraying other shoppers, and less than a week ago a little girl was trampled by a crowd pursuing the new Air Jordans.

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We’re lucky no one got hurt — this time. But the incidents have us wondering why there’s this level of violence involved in shopping. Take a look at some raw footage of the melee below.

[Star Tribune via Gawker]

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