WATCH: Why Is The Man Repeller ‘So Excited To Turn 80′?

Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style has teamed up with Coach on a series of videos with some of his favorite icons of aging gracefully. In this edition, Leandra Medine (Man Repeller) hangs out with Lynn Dell, the owner of Off Broadway Boutique. While Susie Lau and Nadia Sarwar‘s videos are cute, we love this one because the duo’s interaction is basically like a little girl playing dress-up with her grandmother.

In the video below, the two chat about loving fashion and having great style (“Fashion says ‘me too’ style says ‘only me.’”), before playing with chic turbans, digging through Dell’s jewelry box, and trying on sunglasses courtesy of Coach, of course. The two cutest lines in the video are when Medine says, “‘I’ve never been so excited to turn 80,” and when Dell ends the video: “We’re alive and kicking — not high — but we’re kicking!”

Watch the adorable video below, and head over to Coach’s YouTube channel for more:

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Dan Abrams, Founder