WATCH: The Man Repeller Gets Paid For Just About Everything She Links To

If you’ve read Leandra Medine‘s site Man Repeller, you’ll know that the young phenomenon devotes all of her time to blogging. But don’t worry: She makes plenty of money through advertising, consulting, and charging for almost every link she puts on the Internet.

Medine said in an interview with Bloomberg TV’s Tom Keane that her income comes from brands that want to be a part of the site she created just a few months after graduating from The New School last year. She posts photos of herself in clothes she styles into avant garde outfits, complete with witty descriptions of those ensembles, leaves a little space in her sidebar for ads and helps companies develop their brands. And according to her, she makes bank doing it.

“I haven’t had to bear the real world trying to find a job It’s become full time for me. I make substantial money to sustain myself.”

“I charge for advertising. I take a commission for everything I put on my blog. I don’t have a clothing expense because I’m sent so much clothing. And then there’s a lot of brand management. There are a lot of things I do with other brands that I get paid off of.”

If only everyone had it that easy. Medine says she plans to keep on trucking with her blog and has no plans to get a job as an editor anywhere else for the foreseeable future. However, she warns that we can expect a book deal very, very soon. Take a look at her interview and tell us if you’d read her words in book form.


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