The Man Repeller On Why Tavi Is ‘One Of Her Favorite People On The Internet’

On Tuesday night, Leandra Medine, a.k.a. the Man Repeller, proudly showed off the window display she created for Soho’s Parisian resident Maje. In true Man Repelling form, three mannequins were decked out in tons of color, prints, and textures that somehow all manage to still work together. A dog, a flamingo, wigs, and faux grass are also involved. We stopped by Maje for a peek as Medine (who got married last month) told us all about her window display, spilled the deets about her blog expansion, and gushed about her big ol’ girl crush on Tavi Gevinson. (Don’t we all have one?)

How did this project come about?


I had gone to a Maje event earlier this year and I met one of the owners of the brand. She mentioned what a fan she was of Man Repeller, and I was like, ‘I love you, I would love to work with you!’ When their PR  reached out to me about doing something for Maje, I was like, ‘I’m sold, whatever they want to do is awesome.’ I was just super excited that Maje’s only guideline was, ‘We want you to design a window, this is the date.’ And they gave me the creative control to do whatever I wanted. It’s like allowing a blogger to act as a creative director.

How did you give the mannequins your Man Repeller touch?

The image in my head was this really fun and cool backyard barbecue, but was also kind of glamorous. So, I used fur and some metallic accents. My main focus is just to create a window where people would be like, ‘What a cool party, why wasn’t I invited?’ It’s a bit of a mixed bag of nuts, because it feels like a barbecue, but there’s glitter and metallics. I gave all of the mannequins bangs — I cut them myself. It was funny, last night I was like “I’m going to design a haircut!”

The outfits are, I would hope, very representative of my style. They’re simple, but a little bit quirky. There are important accents that matter, like a pair of denim shorts and a really cool blazer with metallic lapels, or a cute skirt and a blouse with a red suede motorcycle jacket. There’s also a dog in the window … so that’s fun.

You’re expanding your blog into a full-fledged website, and we’ve been dying for more details!

It’s going to be very gradual. I’m sort of perfecting it from a blog with small, 500-word bites into a blog with longer essays. Ultimately, it’s not about my blog becoming a website, but it’s about women’s feelings being celebrated. I want my site to be this destination for women to come to and feel good, smart, and happy about themselves.  And a lot of that can be achieved through fashion and good ideas. I’m looking to outsource writers. I’m talking to a few girls now, but if you know anyone, tell them to call me!

So it would be similar to what Tavi did with Rookie?

I don’t know, I guess we’ll give it time. I don’t want to say that it’s like anything — I’m hoping it’s not like anything that exists yet! But I admire so much what Tavi has done at her ripe age, and she’s a really, really special girl. I haven’t met her, but she’s one of my favorite people on the internet.

Wait, you guys haven’t met?? What would be the first thing you’d say to her if you met her?

‘I wish I knew as much as you did four years ago, when I was your age.’ I mean, because our ages aren’t that far apart, so I consider her an equal in that sense. I wish I thought the way that she does when I was that age!

Check out Medine’s full masterpiece below:

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