Japanese Man Gives New Meaning To The Phrase ‘Killer Shoes’

Well, this makes us nervous. In a weird spin on the old “Red Shoes” fairytale, in which the main character dances to death in her favorite pair of shoes — we’re being loose here — a Japanese man apparently tried to commit homicide and shoe-icide by pouring hydrofluoric acid into the heels of a woman he was obsessively stalking.

The substance is extremely dangerous, and has the potential to cause everything from skin abrasions to organ failure… And the victim apparently only caught on after developing a serious case of gangrene. Tatsujiro Fukasawa, the accused, denies the allegations.

To be honest, some of our heels are so painful, we’re not sure we’d be able to notice when the threat level crossed from uncomfortable to deadly. So heads up, ladies: let “dressed to kill” be henceforth known as not just a complimentary turn of phrase.

[The Frisky]

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