Marc Ecko Photoshopped Lindsay Into Ads

UPDATE, 8.06.2010: We received a statement from Marc Ecko regarding the images from his campaign. We’ve excerpted portions of it below, but the jist is that Lohan was aware of the nature of the campaign — and agreed to be a part of it from the beginning.

When we decided to cast the muse portion of the campaign we decided to cast Lindsay Lohan. We made her a video pitch in April, she said yes to becoming the campaign muse, for print and for the digital components, and we shot her for the digital component in NYC in May.

Lindsay saw the campaign images we had already shot on a model and approved those to become the illustrations of herself based on the photographed images…

Each campaign shot is a composite of many shoots, including some of illustration model, and actual parts of Lindsay from the video shoot. We shot the campaign in very high-resolution green cam, so we could blend with video stills, which we did.

The rumors that we went behind Lindsay’s back are untrue and that she’s upset is completely false. We have been very open about the way the campaign was shot and certainly were not hiding this fact from the beginning.


Yesterday, Marc Ecko announced a new interactive ad campaign featuring videos and images of his “muse” Lindsay Lohan. It sounded like an interesting idea — and a boon for Ecko in light of Lohan’s recent press — but we were surprised Lohan’s people had agreed to do it.

While she’s already been featured on the cover of Complex and Maxim, and booked Vanity Fair’s October issue, it seemed like the thing Lindsay needed more than anything was to lay low. It turns out our instincts weren’t far off. According to the Daily Mail, Ecko’s model isn’t Lohan — it’s a body double onto which the brand superimposed Lindsay’s face.

While it’s unclear whether or not Lohan actually agreed to this scheme, we have to assume they did, otherwise Ecko is undoubtedly cruising for a bruising in lawsuit form.

And on top of that, what was Ecko thinking? That model — in the masked photos, at least — looks absolutely nothing link Lohan. But at least his photoshopping is a bit better than, say, Rolling Stone’s, Cosmo’s, or GQ Germany’s.

[via The Daily Mail.]

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