Marc Jacobs Compares LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault To A Pig Farmer

French billionaires just can’t catch a break these days! First PPR chief François-Henri Pinault gets himself embroiled in an ugly child support suit with Linda Evangelista that threatens to drain his bank account of $46,000 per month, and now LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault is compared to a pig farmer by his star designer Marc Jacobs.

To be fair, it’s not just any pig farmer that Arnault resembles. In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Jacobs told writer Tina Gaudoin that, while working for the luxury goods magnate, one should expect treatment akin to that which was famously bestowed on Babe the pig (read: no effusive praise doled out in those hallowed halls of LVMH.)

Quoth the designer:

“I’ve said before that working for Mr. Arnault is like working for the farmer in the movie Babe. I mean, he’s never going to jump up and down with exuberance, and the most he can say has often been the equivalent of ‘That’ll do pig.’ But now he does praise me, which is great.”


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