Marc Jacobs Isn’t Married, But He Did Get A Hair Transplant

Marc Jacobs should add publicist to his resume, because if there’s one thing (other than designing) that this man is good at, it’s giving interviews. Just last week he was telling the Wall Street Journal about his neuroses and current obsession with yellow, and today he tells The Independent’s Hilary Alexander that he’s not married and recently underwent a hair transplant. Seriously.

Alexander writes:

There’s something different about Marc Jacobs, as he bounds into the suite at Claridges. He’s in his usual uniform of white shirt and black pleated kilt, and the gym-honed physique is evident, as is the tan, the stubble, the diamond ear-studs and the tattoos peeking out above his boots. But it’s his hair: it’s not inky-black any more, or cobalt-blue. “It’s brown,” he says. “I’ve just had a hair transplant. I was starting to thin on top, see,” as he obligingly bends his head down. “I can’t dye it for a while, so this is my natural colour.”

Good for him, we suppose! But it’s his marriage that has us confounded. We’ll admit to a fair amount of confusion when it comes to Jacobs’ and Lorenzo Martone’s relationship — so much, in fact, that we refer to Martone as his “partner” because we just couldn’t figure out if they’d ever actually confirmed their marriage. Turns out, according to Jacobs, that swanky St. Barth’s ceremony over New Year’s wasn’t a wedding.

“No, we’re not married, despite what you read. I hope to, at some point, but, at the moment, I’m married to my work.”

[via The Independent.]

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