Marc Jacobs Kicked Cara Delevingne Off His Runway For Being A ‘Dwarf’

cara delevingne marc jacobs

Marc Jacobs and Cara Delevingne may both stand at five-foot-nine, but that didn’t stop the designer from calling her a “dwarf” and dropping the model from his show a few seasons back. According to Katie Grand, an assistant stylist at Louis Vuitton and dear friend of Jacobs, she had to push to get the then 19-year-old Delevingne booked.

When asked about her initial support of the shorty, Grand explained to The Sunday Times:

“I suppose it came about because we’d had a run-in with her in the train season at Vuitton a/w12. I was trying to get her in the show, but it was the show in which everyone was very tall, and very long. I remember Marc looking at me and saying, ‘Why is that dwarf in here?’ and me being devastated.

While we imagine that any criticism from Jacobs is pure agony, we know Delevingne didn’t feel the sting for too long as she was booked the next season for both the Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton shows, as well as tapped to be the next face for the designer’s ‘Protect The Skin You’re In’ T-Shirt. Since then, she has continued to be a runway mainstay for MJ.

Typically we’d think that if anyone could recognize starpower, it would be Jacobs, but we’re not totally shocked by this revelation. After all, for many of the world’s most famous supermodels, rejection was a rite of passage — if you recall, Tyra Banks was turned down by six modeling agencies before she was signed.

Hats off to Cara for giving hope to dwarves like us everywhere.

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[The Sunday Times]

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