PHOTOS: Marc Jacobs’ Holiday Vacation Was Skimpier Than Yours

While you were hanging out with your family, possibly wearing a sweater someone knitted you that you didn’t like very much, American fashion designer Marc Jacobs was headed to St. Barts to hang out on the beach in a Speedo. Because, honestly, where else was he going to be?

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Radar Online got its hands on pictures of the designer hanging out whit ex-boyfriend Lorenzo Martone on the beach earlier this week, both wearing equally teeny bathing suits. We sort of thought Jacobs was dating another Brazilian guy, porn star Harry Louis, but hey — what’s an elaborate and doubtless pricey beach getaway between old friends who were once pseudo-married?

Of course the beaches of St. Barts are old stomping grounds for these two — everyone has seen the photos of them hanging out there from when they were together. But we guess all good things come to an end. Or something. Anyway. Check out photos of the two frolicking and whatnot below.

[Radar Online]

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