Marc Jacobs’ Debut Movie Role In Disconnect Revealed!

Remember when Marc Jacobs was cast in the indie movie Disconnect last year, but we had no idea what kind of character he’d play? Well, now we know!

As reported, the designer is making his movie debut with Jason Bateman and Alexander Skarsgård in Henry-Alex Rubin‘s Disconnect. The film features three interconnected vignettes about “a group of people searching for human connections in today’s wired world”, which is basically a complete social commentary on today’s world.

According to The Hollywood Reporter‘s review of the flick, Jacobs plays Harvey, a big sleazeball who lures runaway teenagers into participating in porn chat sites:

“In a curious bit of casting, fashion designer Marc Jacobs registers convincingly in his couple of scenes as Harvey, the sleazy surrogate parent of the sex-cam models, luring them off the street with the promise of shelter and income.”

The once-reliable IMDB yielded no further information about Jacobs’ role and a trailer hasn’t surfaced yet, but we are definitely intrigued.

[The Hollywood Reporter via Fashion Copious]

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