Marc Jacobs Put Cartman From South Park On A T-Shirt

Make a cool and meaningful artistic illusion to designer Marc Jacobs, and he just might make one to you, too. After being immortalized on South Park a few months ago, Jacobs has honored the show with a line of t-shirts that look cool and help combat skin cancer.

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Jacobs was featured on the cartoon show in November as “Muscle Man Marc,” and since then he and his business partner Robert Duffy have been working with South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone on getting the t-shirts, which benefit The Interdisciplinary Melanoma Cooperative Group at New York University, created and into stores. In the past the shirts have featured everyone from Naomi Campbell to Victoria Beckham posing naked, covered up by the text “Protect Your Largest Organ,” but the South Park shirts feature the characters Butters, Cartman and Randy Marsh (Stan’s dad).

Duffy told Women’s Wear Daily it was cool working with Parker and Stone, even if they were a little protective of their characters.

“I really wanted to do Kenny, but they said there was absolutely no way they were going to let me use Kenny,” Duffy said. “I wanted to see what he looks like without his coat.”

Pity. Still, you can pick up one of these t-shirts for $35 online and at Marc Jacobs boutiques all over the country. And you can watch Muscle Man Marc’s full scene here.


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