WATCH: Marc Jacobs Makes An Appearance On South Park

As if we needed any further indication that Marc Jacobs is a celebrity outside the fashion industry, here’s a clip of the designer’s appearance on last night’s episode of the raunchy animated comedy South Park.

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Well, OK — unlike the upcoming movie in which the designer actually plays a role, Jacobs didn’t really have to do any work for his stint on the show. Like most episodes of South Park, this week’s is pretty topical, and hones in on the Occupy Wall Street protests. While we won’t spoil the entire plot for you, we will say that Cartman ends up having a tea party (political reference, anyone?) with his dolls and stuffed animals, including an action figure named “Muscle Man Mark.” The figure is a shirtless, shorn-scalped little toy with a number of Jacobs’ tatts — even the one over his left pectoral muscle that says “Shameless.”

Check out Jacobs’s sort-of creepy non-cameo below.


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