Can Marc Jacobs Find A Good Social Media Person On Twitter?

It was the tweet read ’round the fashion world: Marc Jacobs International’s official Twitter account announced Sunda night that the company would be hiring its new social media specialist through Twitter.

That’s right — no interviews, no resumes, just tweets. The company advised that applicants (if you can call them that) tweet something clever at them in order to be considered for the job. It’s certainly a creative way to find someone new for the position.

The company also said that it would pay to relocate the new social media person to New York, that the job pays well, and that you don’t necessarily have to have a background in fashion to do this job. We’d think that last bit would be debatable, but what can you do?

So is the company really going to find its next rampant tweeter via Twitter? So far, it looks like the pickings are slim. Even though the brand has over 90,000 followers, we’re not so sure the creme de la creme of social media talent is among those followers — or at least not among the ones who are filing inquiries for this job. In between tweeting about preparations for Jacobs’ fall presentation at The Armory in New York City tonight, the brand has tweeted that it expects better tweets than its been getting. Still, there are tweets of encouragement coming from the account, so we expect they’re going to see it through and actually offer someone this job through Twitter. Like in a direct message or something.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Send an @ reply to @MarcJacobsIntl today.

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