PHOTO: Marchesa’s Updated Playboy Bunny Costume

Updating a classic costume is always going to be a tenuous operation (just look at all the drama over Wonder Woman’s new getup.) So we have to hand it to the ladies at Marchesa for a job well done on their answer to the Playboy Bunny costume, the black one-piece with bunny ears that has been the base of the brand’s image for decades.

Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig created a one-off version of the costume just in time for the opening of a new Playboy club in London. The old costume, which is a fairly straightforward piece of lingerie, pales in comparison to the new one, which is sophisticated and modern and so thoroughly fashion forward that it sort of redraws what we think about the Playboy brand. Not that it’s so totally different from the original, though. Chapman explained to Vogue UK:

“We’ve taken our inspiration from the original costume but added Marchesa’s signature details, such as hand draping and embroidery, while staying true to the Playboy Bunny’s classic corset silhouette. The result is a modern, yet feminine interpretation of this legendary look.”

It’s just a sketch at this point, but the costume will be on display at the club’s opening at the end of May, and then it’ll be auctioned off to raise money for breast cancer awareness. What’s not to love? Behold, the transformative power of fashion.

Playgirls [Vogue UK]

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