Maternity Tips From Margherita Missoni

Just over the hump of her 30th birthday, Margherita Missoni sat down with Grazia Daily to chat about her growing bump. “Whatever you thought you would wear when you got pregnant, you won’t be wearing that,” she warns. Luckily, she follows that up with some actionable advice on what you can wear, and how she plans to combat the sticky Milan summer when she’s in full-on baby preparedness mode.

For those of us who haven’t gone down the rabbit hole of motherhood just yet, be prepared to ditch your bras: “the first thing to change is your chest – I think I have gone up two sizes. So while all those high waisted dresses would fit your tummy, you can’t do them up over your top half.” Great. When CAN you wear an empire waist if not to intentionally flaunt a bloated belly? As for those strategies, here’s what we’re keeping tucked in our mommy file (not a real thing) for later:

“At the beginning when you don’t look so pregnant, I think it’s all about dressing boyish, with jackets and loose layers. I’ve bought lots of silk, very chic trousers which sit low, and I’ve ordered some JBrand maternity jeans. I’ve also bought a few pieces from Dries Van Noten which are cut to skim the body, so really work well for pregnancy.”

Hm. Wearing suiting pieces rather than actual maternity clothes while pregnant? This is starting to sound a lot like Kim K’s plan — which didn’t go so well.

Missoni’s sticky summer plan includes relying on relics from her grandmother’s trousseau and a few spare Prada pajama sets gifted by her husband. If scores like that aren’t exactly in your future, feel free to heed the general idea: you’ll be hot in the summer. Opt for light, natural fabrics. Also, pregnant ladies are totally allowed to hang out in PJs constantly.

“Silk pajamas are going to be my summer choice – the baby isn’t due until late August, so it’s going to be really hot in Milan. I always wear some beautiful silk pajamas from my grandmother’s trousseau in the summer, and my husband bought me two or three sets of silk PJs from Prada, so that is how I’ll be coping with [pregnancy] in the sunshine.

She doesn’t diss the family name, either. “Missoni pieces are so great as the knits have some give to them, so they expand with me.” You have to be really bold to push a bodycon dress to the limits and let it ‘expand with you,’ but, hey, fashion’s all about taking risks, isn’t it?

For any not-so-fashionably connected MILFs to be, check out some more maternity styling tips in the video below.


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