Margiela Coat Makes Time’s List Of Year’s Best Inventions

Time just released its list of the 50 best inventions of 2010, and while robots and jet packs are on the list, so are some more fashion-friendly finds. What made the cut?

Martin Margiela’s plastic fur coat: Margiela took 29,000 plastic price tag fasteners and made them into a stunning (very) faux fur piece of wearable art. It took 42 hours for Margiela’s team to construct the garment, which involved sewing the fasteners onto a leather jacket. The piece made it into the Cooper-Hewitt‘s National Design Triennial, and curator Matilda McQuaid had this to say:  “It’s a message about sustainability, but done with humor, saying we should look at reusing our resources. We need to stop and think about what we immediately discard.”

Spray-on fabric: A British company called Fabrican has “developed a way to bond and liquefy fibers so that textiles can be sprayed out of a can or spray gun straight onto a body or dress form.” Unreal. The fibers bond as the solvent evaporates, and the result is fabric molded to the shape of whatever it was sprayed onto. And you thought Hervé Leger made the snuggest-fitting dresses possible.

Woolfiller: It seriously sucks when your favorite sweater falls victim to moth holes. Haleen Klopper knows this, and created a special needle that binds the fibers of your holey garment and wool patch together because of the small hooks along the point. Dubbed “Woolfiller”, it was initially made for an exhibit on sustainability, but visitors wanted to buy the needle and thus the Woolfiller kit was born. Use it for your elbow patches!

BioCouture: A researcher at Central Saint Martins is working on a fabric made by bacteria. Yes, by bacteria. The same bacteria used to ferment green tea into kombucha produces a mat of cellulose in the process. This cellulose can be dried and made into a skinlike fabric. It is still being perfected, as it currently absorbs almost all of its weight when wet.


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