Mike & Molly Creator Responds To Marie Claire’s ‘Fatties’ Post

In all the controversy over Maura Kelly’s anti-fatties post for Marie Claire, the one side we haven’t heard from is Mike & Molly, the CBS sitcom that inspired Kelly’s post in the first place. Last night, Fancast caught up with creator Mark Roberts who had some choice words for Kelly, as well as the magazine.

While the whole interview is worth reading, we’ve excerpted our two favorite responses. We think Roberts’ response is funny, even-handed, and appropriate for the man behind what is the first show to star and focus on the relationship of two overweight main characters since Roseanne’s uber successful run from 1988 to 1997.

Did you at first think it might be some sort of joke or piece of satire?

I wasn’t quite sure what it was except hateful. It just seemed pretty hateful. It seemed like something someone would say when they’re really drunk at a party with their other hateful friends, but may be not good to write down and put it out for people to look at.

It seems like a disconnect for an article like this to coexist in the same environment as a show like ‘Mike & Molly.’ You’re trying to get out a message that this writer seems oblivious to.

This show is about how everybody in the world deserves to have love, so to have somebody come out and say that these people should not even be seen in public is insane. And then the idea that she comes out and says, “Well, I have my own body issues”? [Kelly says she has a “history as an anorexic.”] Well, clearly you’ve reached a really strong, spiritual place where your struggle has allowed you a certain understanding for other people. Unfortunately we live in a judgmental society, but I think most people are supportive, and the way that people have come out against this [article] shows how people really feel about it.

While we’re on the topic, Mediaite’s editor at large Rachel Sklar joined plus-size model Emme on the Today Show this morning to discuss the post — we’ve got video of that coming up in a few. In the meantime, what do you think of Roberts’ response?


Marie Claire EIC Defends ‘Fatties Are Gross’ Blog Post [Styleite]

[FanCast via HuffPost Style.]

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