TIME WARP: Marilyn Talks Men’s Magazines, Going Incognito

When we’re not leafing through rock groupie tell-alls, we spend a fair amount of time YouTubing Old Hollywood clips, which means we’re pretty well-versed in the art of listening to Marilyn Monroe’s ethereal coos. One of our favorites is a rare interview with Monroe, as well as her close confidantes, photographer Milton H. Greene and his wife Amy. You see, at the time Monroe was living with the couple in their Connecticut farmhouse and it was then that Greene took some of the most iconic photographs of the star ever taken — including the Ballerina and Black sittings. The interview began with one of our best-loved exchanges, where Monroe talks about the men’s magazines she’s covered:

EM: Your picture has been on the cover of almost all popular magazines, hasn’t it?

MM: *Pauses* No, not the Ladies Home Journal. Well, I used to long for it. When I was modeling I used to appear on men’s magazines, such as Squint, Peep — take a peep — all those things.

…. forget GQ or Esquire, we want Peep.

As the live special goes on, Mr. and Mrs. Green go on to describe Monroe as an “ideal guest,” one who picks up after herself, helps assist in the kitchen, and even babysits their children. While the living situation might raise suspicion of a love triangle — Woody Allen’s Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona popped into our head — it appears that Monroe’s relationship with the couple is completely platonic.

During the remaining time, Monroe talks about her roles in John Huston’s The Asphalt Jungle and Billy Wilder’s The Seven Year Itch (which had yet to be released), being a New York, and disguising herself to the public by going sans make-up in an old polo coat.

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