Mark Ronson Talks Mad Men And ’60s Style At The Fendi Fête

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Who better fit to tend to the ones and twos at Manhattan Magazine’s celebration of the new Fan di Fendi Pour Homme Acqua fragrance than Mark Ronson? For one, he fronted the campaign for Fendi’s first eau de cologne just last summer, but more importantly, he’s living proof that the Italian fashion house cuts a good suit.

The British DJ/producer, who has put his golden record touch on artists ranging from Amy Winehouse to Ghostface Killah, christened the crowd on Catch’s rooftop in the Meatpacking District to the tune of old school Prince and bass-heavy Kendrick Lamar. The Moët-buzzed throngs were in for even more of a treat when MNDR’s Amanda Werner showed up for an impromptu performance of their synth pop hit ‘Bang, Bang, Bang’. After her electro-charged display, Werner took over the decks and we caught some time with the man of the hour.

Wearing a navy Fendi shawl-lapel suit like a second skin, Ronson gave us the skinny on his weekend plans, which thankfully for us staunch fans of Authentic Sh*t, his weekly show on East Village Radio, didn’t involve Glastonbury across the pond. “I was thinking about Glastonbury, but I’m going to be doing East Village Radio,” he told us. “I do it so much from London, it’s the first time I can from the station.”

If you’re hanging on his every last tweet, you’re well aware of his fixation with Mad Men, and we wanted to hear more of his thoughts following the show’s season finale last Sunday.

“I loved this season,” he explained. “I know people are complaining, but I don’t understand why. There were some slightly larger than life, fantastical things that happened, but I think it’s so well written and I love the characters.” His favorite? That would be one traumatized teenager, the quick-on-the-draw Sally Draper. “I love Sally — she’s one of the best actresses on television.”

Considering that we’ve seen Ronson sport a mod dandy look from time to time, we had a feeling that the style of the show’s late ’60s setting would strike a cord. “I love it,” he explained. “For a couple of years I was rocking that look quite steady, but you can’t just completely copy it. You have to try and make it evolve somewhat, you know? But as far as a snapshot of time, the late ’60s were a great time for music and fashion.”

We couldn’t agree more, and think that the ‘Bang, Bang, Bang’ lyrics say it best: no one ever does it like that anymore.

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