Marquita Pring Teaches Us All About Plus-Size Model ‘Padding’

Marquita Pring looked stunning in the pages of Vogue Italia‘s plus-size issue, and Women’s Wear Daily was able to sit down with the 21-year-old model to discuss the industry.

Pring was discovered during a scouting contest six years ago, though her breakthrough happened when she posed for V Magazine last year. And just like her friend (and fellow Vogue Italia model) Candice Huffine, she has some really interesting things to say. For one, she prefers to be called a “curvy” model. For another, the curvy model world is different than the straight-size one:

Is the model culture different for “curvier” models?
Definitely. Within our curvy universe, it’s a lot more close-knit and friendly. There’s not nearly as much competition. I think with the skinnier girls, there are so many more incredibly beautiful, stunning girls that have very similar features and characteristics. Whereas the plus-size industry is a lot smaller so I think we accept more than compete. We know you don’t have to be catty to get ahead. It can be kind of cutthroat in the skinnier model community.

And did you know plus-size girls are often made to look bigger than they actually are?

There is sort of an ideal body type for the non-plus-size girls. Does the same go for your market?
Every client is different. You get a wide range. Some people like you much smaller, size 10, size 8. Some people would prefer a 14 or 16. So for me, I’m right in the middle at a sort of small 14, high 12. So I pad sometimes since I’ve got clients who would prefer a solid 14 or 16.

You pad? What does that mean?
Literally. I don’t know if we should reveal this secret! They’re pieces of foam. So I just lay them flat on each hip underneath [hosiery]. They’re like a solid inch and a half thick.

Like football pads for your hips?
Yeah, to make you seem all around wider. I mean, from the side you look kind of weird — and it feels weird. Like every now and then my arm gets caught on it and I’m like, wait, this isn’t me. But it’s better for me because I can still be healthy and work out and have the body I want. It’s a little bit of model magic.

Who knew?! Also, Pring let it slip that Marc Jacobs stopped by the Vogue Italia shoot for a surprise casting: “They were super secretive about the whole thing. They just said he wanted to see us. I really have no idea what it was for; it was completely under wraps. To this day, I just wonder and wonder and wonder.” Oh, man, we are intrigued.


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