PHOTOS: Martha Stewart Used To Model For Chanel!

Consider our minds blown and apologies if we’re way late to the party, but we had absolutely no idea that Martha Stewart used to be a model. It took Racked’s coverage of Andre Leon Talley’s appearance on her show this morning to open our eyes.

From their conversation:

MS: How’s everything going?
ALT: Well, the most extraordinary thing was that Karl Lagerfeld was in town and he said to me that you were once a Chanel model, which I did not know. That’s fascinating!
MS: Way before Karl…
ALT: That doesn’t matter! And I tweeted—I said, ‘Did you know that Martha Stewart was once a Chanel model in the days of Coco?’ And people were fascinated.
MS: It was only one summer.

Naturally, we did some digging (read: google searching) and found these amazing images of a very svelte and very young Stewart. We’re in love.

Also, it turns out Tory Burch — she of the Great Backpack Comeback — was also shocked to discover Stewart’s sartorial roots. So shocked that she had Martha walk her through some of her old photos.

[Images via The Cheap Girl.]

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