Martha Stewart Plays Coy About A Clothing Line

We’ve been paying extra close attention to Martha Stewart and all her fabulousness since she started interviewing fashion people on her show earlier this summer. So when we found out that on the eve of her television empire’s move to the Hallmark Channel she’d answer a few questions from reporters around the country on a conference call, we cleared our schedules and prepared to dial in.

Stewart talked a lot about her new interview series, Martha Stewart Presents, a project she says she’s starting on because the interviewers she admires are getting out of the business.

“My favorite interviewers are Larry King, Barbara Walters, both of whom are kind of retiring,” Stewart said. “Who is going to take their place as the serious great interviewer? I’m throwing my name in there because I love to talk to people.”

Her first special, called “The Women Who Dress America,” will comprise interviews with Donna Karan, Diane von Furstenberg, Jenna Lyons and Tory Burch. It’s set to air Sept. 19, the very last day of New York Fashion Week. Stewart, who modeled her way through high school and college, has had a lifelong interest in fashion, and thinks the interviews will satisfy her audience’s curiosity about the industry.

The four women are “presented in a way that you really haven’t seen them before,” Stewart says. “Jenna Lyons I don’t think has been really interviewed on national television like this before. And she’s an extremely big design talent.”

But with all the new designer collaborations being announced for fall, we couldn’t help but ask whether Stewart, who already has a considerable number of products licensed under her name, would ever dip her toe into the fashion pond. And we were a little surprised with how coy she was when she answered.

“A lot of people have asked me for such things,” she says. “Shoes, boots, practical clothing, you know, working women clothing, gardening clothing. Who knows?”

That sounded more like a dream product range than a shrug of the shoulders to us, but we’ll just have to wait and see if a Martha Stewart collection is really in the works.


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