Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen Reveal The Inspiration Behind Granny Chic

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen may be the former stars of one of the ’90s most beloved family sitcoms, the CEOs of multiple companies, and CFDA award winning designers, but they’re probably still best known for pioneering the granny chic trend that would go on to sweep the nation and forever change the way we layered. In a wide ranging interview with’s Dirk Standen, the pair finally reveal where that look came from.

People called it homeless chic or granny chic. There were a lot of terms. But it was a very striking moment. Were you conscious it was happening?

Ashley: That moment for us was us waking up, going to school, and not wanting anyone to take our picture. Kind of a piece of protection.

Mary Kate: For me, it was so cold, like the wind chill. How could you not put on 20 things when you’re going from Los Angeles to walking through the snow?

A: Yeah, we were California girls.

MK: I think it was probably that. And laziness.

And there you have it. Five years of excessive layering can all be chalked up to a couple of lazy college students and inclement weather. Ah, fashion.

The Future Of Fashion, Part Eight: Ashley And Mary-Kate Olsen [Style]

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