Meet the ‘Anti-Feminist’ Woman Leading the Men’s Rights Movement

I almost wanted to put the Men’s Rights Movement in quotation marks because I just cannot take it seriously. But no matter what my opinions are on the group attempting to further the cause of furthering the dominance of the sex which has basically been dominant since humans began, the movement is definitely no longer limited to a temporarily amusing subreddit. It’s one that’s gaining significant traction on mainstream media and that is doing so at the expense of women. (Arguably at the expense of men too, at least ones who aren’t here for reinforcing gender divides.)

The movement itself, though, isn’t even what’s surprising. What is is that the most visible players are not emasculated, mouthbreathy dudes wielding firearms and handlebar mustaches. They’re women hell-bend on opposing feminism at all costs. In most recent developments, reporters from Fusion infiltrated the first International Conference of Men’s Issues, held in Detroit, and met with women Karen Straughan, for whom there are not enough palms for your face. Wanna bet on that? Suffer through her thoughts on “the golden uterus,” a term for what Straughn refers to as the “deification” of men’s first wives:

“The golden uterus is a term that came up in an online group I belong too of mostly stepmoms, who their husbands first wives have what we refer to as a golden uterus – meaning she thinks she knows everything just because she was the first wife and the biological mother of the gentleman’s children, who cannot be questioned and is never wrong.  The problem is that the family court is incredibly biased in favor of mothers, and they exploit that system. They leverage it.”

COOL STORY, KAREN. If you want to hear some legitimately fantastic thoughts on the Men’s Rights Movements, listen to Chris Gerard’s take: “If you really are someone who feels scorned by women, know that participating in the movement of villainizing women will only lead to the vagina-free life that you really deserve. Just chill out, you’ll normalize.”

Or if you prefer to feel hate, watch Karen attempt to undo the work of feminists everywhere below.

h/t: Vocativ

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