Meet the Guys Who Love Lacy Matching Lingerie Just Like Us


Mainstream mangerie is happening for at least two dudes, by our count.

Both of them appear comfortable in matching feminine underthings. It would seem that these men have maintained every last shred of their bro-yness, and all their chest hair. I guess if we’re allowed to we’re allowed to wear men’s underwear, then it’s only right that they’re allowed to wear pink frilly underthings. According to the brand making this stuff, FUSION Homme Mystere, men have been hungering for femme bras to rescue them from the boring snoozefest that is men’s tighty whities. It’s not because they want to look like women. It’s because they enjoy having their bulge cradled by delicate, high-quality lace. FUSION Homme Mystere has answered this call with bras that feature nipple slits and bows. Thanks to this new development, the world now has a sudden click in alignment. Mangerie: the ultimate equalizer. If this takes off, we’ll all be able relate to guys about how annoying bras are. Fairness, we think nursery school teachers call it. According to Homme Mystere, 40 percent of its customer base is from the U.S. Bra bros could be among us at this very moment. But they’re probably not.



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