Meet YouTube’s Highest Earning Fashion Vlogger: A ‘Swamp Queen’ Called GRAV3YARDGIRL

Last week when word broke that a) personal style blogs were still a thing and b) they were a very lucrative — i.e. million dollar — thing, you weren’t alone in considering trading your cubicle for the latest and greatest in Forever 21 fringing. But we were surprised to learn that gravitating towards the margins of #Fashun doesn’t have to mean taking a pay cut.

Beating out those perfectly bronzed subway vloggers, the highest-earning of all YouTube’s fashion pack is a self-described “Swamp Queen” from Houston, Texas named GRAV3YARDGIRL — real name Rachel ‘Bunny’ Meyer. According to pro sleuth Patty Huntington at Frockwriter, she boasts 2.9million YouTube subscribers (835,417 Instagram392,000 Facebook231,000 Twitter) and earns anywhere from $182.9-1.5million in annual ad sales according to, potentially netting her almost as much as beauty blogger Michelle Phan – $462,798.

Mayer started as a ghost hunter who trekked all over the US in search of paranormal experiences (real talk.) But she’s since traded in spirits for shopping, makeup, and testing out Wax Vacs — one of her most popular series is “Does This Thing Really Work?” ’cause don’t nobody need a Perfecter Fusion Styler than a swamp dewller. 

Just imagine the boldly attired love child of Steve Buscemi, Susan Miller, Lily McMenamy, and that hot girl in your anthropology tutorial who pulled off mince and cheese hair like than Xtina circa ’02 only wishes she did. Okay actually don’t, but do consider your faith in fashion blogging restored.


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