Megan Fox Looks Unusually Pretty on the Cover of Interview

We’re not exactly what one might call big fans of Megan Fox, but maybe that’s because we never really took the time to understand her. Luckily, in her cover story for Interview magazine, Zach Galifianakis got the starlet to talk about the pressures of being so ridiculously hot, young and famous, and about what contributes to her bad-girl image.

But no matter how we feel about her, we’ve got to admit, she looks amazing on the cover. You can see all the pictures, shot by Craig McDean, here.

From the interview:

“I don’t really resent being on the red carpet as much as I do having to deal with the paparazzi,” she says. “The photographers on the red carpet, that’s their job.”

It’s a surprisingly levelheaded comment from someone who’d gone from the love interest in “Transformers 3″ to the villain of the production.

Last month, Fox was dumped from Michael Bay’s film before shooting started. Nobody can seem to settle on an official reason (Bay says she’s too skinny; Fox says she quit voluntarily; most people think she was straight-up fired), but the second it was announced (Fox was replaced by Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley), everyone’s minds flashed back to an interview where Fox compared Bay as a director to dictators like Hitler and Napoleon.

A mistake, she says, that doesn’t indicate her real demeanor.

“In the past, I’ve been reluctant to share any bits of truth about myself or to really let people in on my reality,” Fox told Galifianakis. “So I have said some things to throw people off the scent of what’s really going on in my life. So I have sort of aided the media in printing these misconceptions, which I regret.”

[Images via ONTD]

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