Ryan Lochte’s Racist Sister To Face The Wrath Of 1.3B Chinese People

We all thought that the hot chick sitting on Ryan Lochte‘s lap in the back of a cab in London was, well, just that. But turns out that it was his sister Megan who we now know is a big ol’ racist. And while we’re well aware this story has has no style aspect whatsoever, we write unabashedly about all things Lochte — and this recently unearthed 2008 video of Megan on Baltimore late night comedy show Closing Time warrants a discussion.

Dressed in a black top, white pants (Ryan’s second sexiest piece of clothing), a totally unnecessary hat, and flip-flops, Megan chatted with host Mickey Cucchiella about her then-recent trip to China to see her brother in the Beijing Olympics. The first thing out of Megan’s mouth? “China was chinked out.” It’s only downhill from there.

While Cucchiella tries to keep a straight face at Megan’s use of the word “chink”, he also encourages her to maybe replace it with the more more palatable descriptor, “Chinese”. But nope, she keeps right on truckin’.  She continues to make fun of Chinese people for “stereotypically” taking photos of everything and for being a passive people, and recounts a story in which someone who was trying to close off an area kindly asked her to move several times. She took pride in her refusal: “Fuck, no.”

The entire clip is one long string of racist insult after racist insult, except for the part where she notes that Great Wall was awesome! Though she promptly followed that with: “The Great Wall is misnamed. [It should be called] like, fucking huge OCD fence.”

This video could have been slightly less offensive had Megan not used such a condescending and disdainful tone throughout her interview. She drops “chink” after “chink” with sheer indifference — as if it was okay to make fun of 1.3 billion Chinese people on television. It’s not okay. And now everyone is going to remember Megan as “Ryan Lochte’s racist sister”.

But here’s a bit of irony: according to Ryan Lochte’s racist sister’s Facebook page, she has a degree in multicultural marketing.

See the entire video below, and tell us your thoughts below:

[via Jezebel]

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