5 Boy-Hot Stereotypes These Guys Who Dressed Their Female Partners Broke

Boy-hot is a term we use to describe things humans of the male persuasion find appealing in women: Short skirts, long hair, cleavage, tight tops, no-makeup makeup that takes as much time to finish as the Camera picta. Boy-hot is also the result we expected when we opened this Telegraph story, in which three guys make over their girls.

Let’s reevaluate boy-hot, shall we?

Myth No. 1: They have no idea what culottes are and would find them repulsive if they did know.
Culottes are at least one dude’s idea of “French street-style.” Culottes with pointy-toe flats.

Myth No. 2: Same with ankle boots.
They actually think “these types of shoes” look awesome with lacy, red, feather-hemmed dresses. (At least they’ve gotten over platform pumps.)

Myth No. 3: Gisele hair, all day every day.
They wish you’d wear a ponytail outside of Pilates.

Myth No. 4: They don’t get Victoria Beckham’s dresses.
Everybody likes Victoria Beckham.

Myth No. 5: They’ll grow out of it.
Wrong! Keith and Tom both did a nice job, but Georgie-poo is the one we’d totally ice in a round of F, Marry, Kill. You’re too good for him, Rosanna.

The après-photo-shoot breakup scene we’re writing in our heads right now probably won’t be of any use to you, so we respectfully exit, leaving the infamous culotte ensemble and this link to the other before and after looks for your viewing pleasure. #teamrosanna

Katie Readman

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